Easy Crafts For Kids – CD RomFish

I am sure most of the home has old discs that have been keeping for long time and haven’t been thrown. Now it is the time for you to recycle those CD and do this craft project together with your kids.

Kids Diy craft project – CD Rom fish

Materials and tools:

  • Different color of sponge papers
  • CD Rom
  • Lace scissors
  • Pens
  • Double-sided tape
  • Cartoon eye patch


Referring to the size of the disc, use a pair of scissors to cut a 1/4 circle from a piece of sponge paper.

Cut three long strips of sponge paper of different colors and prepare them as fish scales.

Cut the shape of mouth and tail of the small fish from your color paper . Stick the scales, mouth and tail onto disc.

Cut off the excess sponge paper along the shape of the disc. Stick the eyes and decorative patterns to the fish.

Stick the dorsal fin and pectoral fin.

Use your own creativity and what you have learned, you can also make other patterns of small fish.

Make the dorsal and caudal fins of the small fish from the color papers.

Stick the eye, fins and scales onto the disc.

Alright now you have done the two fish craft project that you could decorate at your bedroom!