Crafts For Kids – Cartoon Image Badge

This is a very good classroom project for kids. It is not too complicated for kids to make and from this project they will learn how to match the color,  how to draw simple cartoon and how to use scissor to cut. After the project, every kids will have their own badge with their name written. They will be happy and love it.

Kids DIY card project

Materials and Tools

  • Card/Badge cover
  • Colored sponge paper
  • Cartoon eye patches
  • Lace scissors
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Marker pen
  • Double-sided tape


Cut a sponge paper with your preference color, measurement is the height card cover and 2x the width of the card cover.

Stick the sponge paper surround outside of the card cover with double-sided tape.

Draw the giraffe’s head and mouth on white and blue sponge paper respectively, and then cut it off and stick it to the front of the card.

Cut 2 small ovals from black sponge paper as the giraffe’s eyes and draw long lashes with a marker pen.

Cut 2 small circles with white sponge paper and stick it over the mouth as the nostrils of the giraffe. You can embellish the giraffe’s head with some cute decorations, such as a bow. And you could also add some other decoration as your preference.

Finally connect the lanyard to the card so that you can hang the lovely card on your neck.